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Everybody deserves access to fair, efficient, and digital financial transactions.  

CuraDAI is a digital currency that leverages the latest open financial tools built on blockchain technology to create a digital, stable and transparent currency that matches the local currency of Curaçao in terms of unit of account. CuraDAI is 100% backed by Dai, a digital currency soft-pegged to the US Dollar. 

CuraDAI operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The token can be transferred in a peer 2 peer manner, with transactions costing on average $0.05 and taking about 10-15 seconds to verify. CuraDAI can serve as an addition to the local currency of Curaçao to facilitate digital trusted transactions. 

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Andrew liked 4 months ago
CuraDAI is live and fully-functional, to kickstart our new prosperous economy we're giving away 10 CuraDAI and 0.01 ETH to the first 100 people that register. Please follow the steps below to receive your CuraDAI and ETH 1. Download Trust... (More)
Luuk liked 13 hours ago
0x0540cF55D4f96e4cB48C14ABFeD43129C5fDD68a. Curadai
Cc2020 liked 4 months ago
Stacey Mac Donald
Environmental Psychologist

I would spend my CuraDai to anyone that accepts CuraDai and works on initiatives in favour of inclusive, environmental education and innovations. I would also spend my CuraDai on online meditation, mindfulness and coaching sessions.
Luuk liked 4 months ago
0x6c313DEd841D2c145F4162D3bcc442D4Fc543529 runycalmera.eth Thanks for the 10 CuraDAIv Luuk Weber I would like to spend my CuraDAI to buy an online service of one of the business owners here. I would like to spend 5 CuraDAI on a business owner who... (More)