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Everybody deserves access to fair, efficient, and digital financial transactions.  

CuraDAI is a digital currency that leverages the latest open financial tools built on blockchain technology to create a digital, stable and transparent currency that matches the local currency of Curaçao in terms of unit of account. CuraDAI is 100% backed by Dai, a digital currency soft-pegged to the US Dollar. 

CuraDAI operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The token can be transferred in a peer 2 peer manner, with transactions costing on average $0.05 and taking about 10-15 seconds to verify. CuraDAI can serve as an addition to the local currency of Curaçao to facilitate digital trusted transactions. 

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Gijo commented 3 months ago
CuraDAI is live and fully-functional, to kickstart our new prosperous economy we're giving away 10 CuraDAI and 0.01 ETH to the first 100 people that register. Please follow the steps below to receive your CuraDAI and ETH 1. Download Trust... (More)
Filmmaker & Business Professor
0x630AdD6F38bc3fa48fbBC60fe81e6a3B2d196a55 Hoping to join CuraDAI and actually using it locally at Esperamos because I shop there frequently. But mostly looking forward to use it and spread the knowledge to all my 45 High School students who take business classes with... (More)
0x3793248d4Ee8E97CAA2CC0e9bfa876a9f5950a9D Cant wait to see when this take off! Im currently entering the Cryptocurrency world and learning so much everyday, of any one is intresting i have my own blog where i explain what Cryptocurrency is in general in the... (More)
Not yet fully understand the world of the crypto currency but while I’m learning would like to see the value of sharing coins. So we can create more equal opportunities for everyone.