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Bon bini to the CuraDAO group! 🏝️

CuraDAO is network of global changemakers that support sustainable development on Curaçao by contributing to social impact projects. By using emerging technology we've managed to created a honest and effective system to pool and distribute resources to projects that matter. 

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Luuk commented 6 days ago
Good morning #CuraDAO, Yesterday Uniswap 2.0, a platform that allows for the seamless creation of crypto exchange markets was launched. If we pool (lock) enough funds on the platform we can create a liquid pair between CuraDAI and all other... (More)
Andrew commented a month ago
Bon dia #CuraDAO We've just submitted the following proposal into CuraDAO: Ideate and Launch Dutch Caribbean Collective ( Consider voting on the proposals and feel free to share your comments, and more importantly, ideas on how we can further develop... (More)
Luuk commented a month ago
Felis wikent! I'm doing some research on ways to measure and report Sustainable Development. I found this report about SDG's in the Netherlands. It's on a much larger scale than our project - but we could take a similar reporting... (More)