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Innovation Ç
Innovation Ç
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Innovation Ç aims to contribute to the socio-economic growth of Curaçao by connecting individuals and organizations to build a better future through innovation. 

We do this through an open innovation platform and by creating collaborative projects, impactful experiences, and meaningful discussions. Collaboration is at the heart of Innovation Ç and for this reason, we open-source the vast majority of our data and learnings.

We're live now with Creating a New Socio-Economic Foundation :)
Let's program our island to become more sustainable! 🌱 In this edition of Innovation Ç’s digital conference, we discuss the idea of sustainable programming and take a closer look at what we are doing on Curaçao to ensure a sustainabl... (More)
Runy liked a year ago
Another edition filled with passion, talent, and honesty!

All Eyes on Curaçao exceeded our expectations with 4 very inspiring presentations.

Watch the full recording here #Innovationcur 👇
Sarah liked a year ago
These are unusual times, yet some of us remain in business as usual. How do we handle these strange times? How do we remain true to our core values? And how do we adapt to a world that changed in... (More)