Good morning #CuraDAO,

Yesterday Uniswap 2.0, a platform that allows for the seamless creation of crypto exchange markets was launched.

If we pool (lock) enough funds on the platform we can create a liquid pair between CuraDAI and all other Ethereum based tokens.

As the project lead for CuraDAI, I would like to request 2.2K Dai to lock it in Uniswap.

Through this proposal, I request 2.2K DAI to mint 2000 CuraDAI and add the pair (1.1K DAI and 2000 CuraDAI) to Uniswap 2.0 creating an easy to use and liquid bridge between CuraDAI and other Crypto pairs.

It will also allow us to create a FIAT on/off-ramp to CuraDAI with Transact.

The request 2.2k will be managed by Luuk, as the CuraDAI project lead.

For more details please refer to the following documents:


Proposal in Alchemy