I would spend my CuraDai where it will make a significant impact in stimulating Culture, Creativity, and increases (social) Cohesion.

One such innovative idea/activity is (localized) micro-manufacturing of essential products thus making the know-how and resources more widely accessible to those creatively inclined and inspired, unrestricted; and leverage the collective learning moments to inform and further develop localized manufacturing (assembling) of major essential products at a larger scale.

BA3D Printing (https://www.facebook.com/BA3DPrinting/) and GreenPhenix (https://greenphenix.com) are great examples of elements to such an eventual local manufacturing eco-system that would also use locally available raw materials. Further lowering barriers to transition from a linear to circular economy (https://www.researchgate.net/publication/325417234_CONSTRUCTING_A_GREEN_CIRCULAR_SOCIETY/figures?lo=1).

So, is this initiative of Innovation C and CuraDai.